WARDROBE MUST HAVES 


Wardrobe contents are a reflection of the owner’s personality and possibly their income as well. When choosing items for your wardrobe one has to put factors like weather condition, personality, comfort, durability and budget into consideration as this will ensure that you are getting mostly what you need and not just what you want.


Most ladies pay attention to detail and are more meticulous when it comes to picking out items. In a woman’s dictionary, there is no such thing as too much clothes but trust her to always say ‘I have nothing to wear’ every other day mostly because she doesn’t have the right essentials to compliment whatever already exists in her wardrobe

1.CAMISOLE- These are essential for every female as they can either be won as an inner wear for your corporate outfit or in your kimono for that beach outing with your friends on that special weekend.

2.  JEANS – Having three or more pairs that fit you perfectly is definitely going to boost your confidence and add variety to your wardrobe as they go perfectly with any top, kimono or gown tops.

3.   FOOTWEAR – Nothing beats the perfection that good shoes bring to your outfit. Whether its pumps for that wedding, kicks for chilling, sandals for that amazing gown, no one can deny that these are essential to every lady’s wardrobe.

4. THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS – This is one item in your wardrobe that cannot be replaced. The little black dress (LBD) brings out a side of every lady that everyone loves. It never gets old and can be rocked at any event.

5.  WIGS – In 2019, these have become essential as no one fancies spending most parts of their weekend in salon anymore. So getting a wig that is your style will definitely save you that stress. They range from pixie to curly, straight to blunt and you can usually jazz it up with a bit of color.

6. BAGS – Asides needing some space for your make up purse, money and other accessories, bags are a major fashion statement. Handling the right one at any time could earn you the right attention any day.