Wardrobe contents are a reflection of the owner’s personality and possibly their income as well. When choosing items for your wardrobe one has to put factors like weather condition, personality, comfort, durability and budget into consideration as this will ensure that you are getting mostly what you need and not just what you want.


Mens wardrobe and styling garbes are less complicated than women’s so it is much easier to throw on anything and it works perfectly anytime. However, do you just want to open that wardrobe and not feel like you have nothing in it? There are so many things a man needs in his wardrobe and they include the following:


  1.   PLAIN WHITE SHIRT- Every man needs at least three of these. Whether you are wearing it as an inner or rocking it with jeans, it makes a statement anytime.


  1.   JEANS – This is a major essential as they go with just about anything. Having one that fits perfectly can come in handy anytime.


  1.        TUXEDO- Every classy gentleman knows that no wardrobe is complete without a solid black tuxedo. Whether it’s a friend’s wedding or that dinner and award night you can rest assured you made your mark.
  1.        CHINOS – these help you achieve just about any look from smart-casual for working hours to actual casual when you are hanging with your boys.


  1.        FOOTWEAR – Shoes complete every look. A pair of proper BROGUES will definitely have your colleagues giving you the eye and  just as a pair of leather  sandals will definitely kill that native attire.


  1. SUNGLASSES -Every man needs sunglasses that not only protects him from sun rays but make a statement as well and please don’t be caught with sunglasses indoors, it’s never a good look.