Garmspotted picks: Top 10 Sneakers in 2022

Despite the high of 2022, there is still plenty of excitement to come. Collections and collabs continue to emerge as new drops hit the streets (have you seen the Versace sneakers?).

There appears to be no hindrance to 2022 being one of the most exciting years in street fashion and sneaker fashion history.


With all of this season’s iconic moments, we’ve taken the opportunity to handpick the best sneaker pieces already released in 2022.


We are about to tell you the top 10 best sneakers exclusively released in 2022 based on iconic elements and popularity votes.



Yeezy 700v3 Mono Safflower

Top 10 Sneakers in 2022


The futuristic design, patterned with yellow and a cream colored finish. No one underrated the firm style of the Yeezy 700 making it find its place among the exceptional pieces of this year.


Nike Kobe -Mambacita Sweet 16

Top 10 sneakers in 2022


In honor of Gigi Bryant, following the fatal chopper crash that claimed the life of one of sports legendary figures Kobe Bryant. Featured in black and white on a collaboration with Nike, this piece has a lot of emotions with it.


Nike Hot step Air Tera


Punctuality in style and still representing a vintage era in sneaker history is the Hot Step Air. Classic style in white with a touch of oldie vibes.


Adidas TMAC1 


Colored in green and white, featuring the three stripes (not Adidas strips) of the TMAC signature. Adidas has brought back this timeless sneaker in honor of a forever green era – The pre LeBron era.


Gucci x Adidas Gazelle


Not cut to regular is the Adidas Gazelle. A joint collaboration with the Gucci fashion powerhouse. Designed in golden yellow with the classic Gucci imprints running all over. This is definitely not your regular Adidas.


Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1

top 10 sneakers in 2022

Sneaker News

You possibly have an idea of the mystery and history to this collaboration. However, it’s still considered to be one of the best piece releases that top the charts of sneaker fashion.


Patta x Clints Steppers

Top sneakers in 2022


English flavor brand hits the streets alongside Patta with their duty sneakers. This collaboration lifts the sneaker drop to the top of the street fashion charts this year.


Air Jordan 4 Military Black

Top sneakers in 2022


Simple in style, with the Jordan accent of stylish design. The Military Black is the union of elegant design and street art.


Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1

Top 10 sneakers in 2022: Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1


The Air Force 1s are forever a classic, but have you seen the LV collaboration version? Top tier stuff! Like high fashion? Excellent. Want street high fashion? Perfect!


Air Jordan 3 Dessert Elephant

Top 10 sneakers in 2022: Air Jordan 3 Dessert Elephant


Style and heavy duty design, created with leather Brown and black – Jordan is still hot in the sneaker game with this new drop.


With the fourth quarter promising to be more exciting, we may see a larger list of iconic sneakers in multiple versions still dropping hot from even new players on the block.

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