What’s Dropping? – Super Freaky Girl

The Queen is back again!
what's dropping? - Super freaky girls


Nicki Minaj’s new single, Super Freaky Girl, is set to be released on August 12, 2022.

If you were aware when she first announced the upcoming song, you may be perplexed by the current title, as a snippet she released trended on social media with the hashtag #FreakyGirl. However, due to legal issues and a couple of Twitter polls, the title, Super Freaky Girl, was chosen.

what dropped? - Super Freaky Girl


The song samples the 1981 hit Super Freak by American singer Rick James. Although the single has not yet been released, a TikTok challenge has been created for it, and it has also trended on Twitter for a week. Knowing how quickly Twitter trends come and go, you can see why this is such a big deal.

Nicki would release Super Freaky Girl as her fourth single this year. And if the first three singles, DWAP, Bussin’, and We Go Up, are any indication, it will be a smash. Her fans, dubbed “The Barbz,” certainly seem to believe so, as the unreleased single has already been shazamed 59,406 times as of the time this article was written. If that isn’t a high level of devotion, I don’t know what is.

Nicki has promised an album before the end of the year, as well as an upcoming documentary about her journey as a rapper in a male-dominated industry, so The Barbz are in for a treat this year. Because the official release dates for both have yet to be announced, we cannot begin a countdown. Until then, we’d be counting down the days until Super Freaky.