Utopia — LadiPoe’s Evolution

Utopia — LadiPoe's Evolution

Instagram: Ladipoe

Contrary to popular belief, LadiPoe’s singlets are not the only item in his closet. They have, however, made numerous appearances on him over the years. It’s amazing how he can pull off such a flimsy piece of clothing as a fashion statement. It could be attributed to the confidence and body you gain from working out almost everyday.

The rapper’s sense of style is as distinct and effortless as his music. But it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, he claimed to be uneducated about fashion.

Let’s take a look at his fashion journey up until now.

Fresh face Poe

This period lasted the onset of his music career; from 2016 to 2017. More than anything, his early style can only be described as conservative. This is to be expected of someone venturing into uncharted territory, in this case, the music industry.

Hats On

The Guardian

Hats may be the first fashion accessory the lyrical genius identified with. From 2016 up until he released his very first album, “Talk About Poe”, in 2018, his hat was a trusted mate. At the time, he didn’t have the unique locs’ he is known for now.

Leader Of The Revival (LOTR)

Utopia — LadiPoe's Evolution

Instagram: Ladipoe

LadiPoe has come a long way from the doe-eyed newbie in the music industry, as seen through a fashion lens. Over the years, he has earned the title “Leader Of The Revival,” demonstrating that he may be the bridge that leads the Nigerian music industry down a new path toward accepting alternative music styles. Poe’s fashion game improved to match the title, as expected. We occasionally find a singlet here and a hat there. But what distinguishes his current style from previous eras is the confidence and swagger of someone who knows what he is about.

Sometimes, dark shades, a little bit of leather, and a gold chain are all he needs to bring his big energy!