How to rock Crocs

Regarded at its inception as the “most loved-hated” footwear and criticized heavily for its lack of versatility and cringe emotion it adds to popular styles. Two decades later, Crocs are the ultimate comfort footwear. Beyond comfort, they have become overly stylish and versatile in current day fashion culture.

The slow climb of Crocs into mainstream fashion and media has been equally matched with its extensive media recognition. Ranging from mega stars to global fashion houses. 

Crocs are made from Croslite™, a closed-cell resin made from polymer that gives the footwear a rubberlike feel and an outstanding comfortable fit. Making it as comfortable as it is durable.

So, how do you rock this piece of rubberlike comfort shoes and still make your local headlines?

Athleisure outfits

Although casual in nature, Crocs are wonderful on athleisure outfits. Tracks suits, gym shirts and pants. Complementing your outfit with a pair of plain Crocs will win in any athletic styled theme. But be careful not to confuse it’s versatility with its usability. Crocs are confident and stylish, but don’t test them on a race track or in the gym.

Jiggy outfits

Clean shorts, flashy jeans, patterned pants. Crocs rocks the block. Crocs can be a superb replacement for a pair a white sneakers you would usually go for on your usual outfits. But there are a few things to watch when switching your flair with Crocs. Colour and pattern. Always make sure your theme is complete and avoid clashing colors that are out of scope (a blue sock fused with a pink croc).

Monochrome outfits

Perhaps the ultimate fusion for Crocs, insomuch that these are where Crocs really shine. The plain nature of any monochrome outfits allows you the flexibility of rocking just about any croc style for comfort and fashion simultaneously.

Patterned outfits.

Crocs can be made into custom patterns to match with any patterned outfit. Although some come in generic patterns. Consciously considering how well your patterned outfit matches with your pair of Crocs is important. This way you won’t be committing a fashion faux. 

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