Superheroines Walk The Runaway At Louis Vuitton’s Resort Show 2023

Every Louis Vuitton resort show promises you not only the high end of the fashion world but the most picturesque location as well. This time will be no exception, as the show was held at the Salk Institute in California, named after Dr. Jonas Salk, the renowned American researcher who developed the first polio vaccine.

The lavish architectural monument, designed by Louis Kahn, features a stunning view of the California Skyline, which Nicolas Ghesquiere, creative director of the LV Women’s collection, decided would be a stunning backdrop for his show. The show began on May 12 as the sun began to set over the Pacific Ocean, debuting designs that evoke the term “futuristic.”

Models paraded down a makeshift runway in front of 650 guests. Exaggerated silhouettes, armor imitations, shimmers, draped linen, and a variety of prints were on display. Ghesquiere defies what is widely accepted as the status quo for dress codes by inventing his own. While some of his designs were borderline Cosmo costumes, they sparked the imagination of every creative mind, and redefined what we would call fashion.

Muted tones of taupe, grey, brown and black were the base color palette for this collection but featured some vibrant tones of blue and orange as well. With the excess array of fringes and tassels, you may miss the street-ready to wear pieces on the runway. But this collection was versatile enough to include them.

Ghesquiere had said early on in a preview interview that the sun was a guest of honor for the show and “invited” the other elements too. His statement rang true as his collection boasted well thought out materials and fabrics. They either reflected the sun in a flattering way or serve as protection from it. Other designs displayed outlines of the grand architecture of the Salk and flaunted colors associated with water sports.

Never mind the fact that each model emerged looking like a superheroine out of a Sci-Fi movie, this show was worth the buzz that it got. It was obvious that not an iota of creativity was spared while this was being put together and this ensured no mind or eye was left bored during the show.

This collection, as well as the entire show, was stunning from start to finish. Guests were clearly not eager to leave long after the show had ended. They took out their phones as soon as they could and took Instagram-worthy selfies, making you wish you were there!