Garmspot attends the 2023: season 1 Crocs Sales meeting.

The Garmspot family got to show up for the 2023: season 1 Crocs Sales meeting, which was held in London, but before we get into that, we’d like to mention how satisfying and enlightening this experience was for us.

Success is never an accident; it is almost always the result of years of hard work. Crocs figured out how to take a maligned shoe and turn it into a hot commodity. If you are curious about why Crocs is forecasting that its sales will increase by 40% to 50% in 2022, consider the elements of its brand strategy.

Despite the slew of macroeconomic challenges that businesses are facing, Crocs management is so confident in what they are seeing that they have increased their forecast for revenue, margins, and earnings for the remainder of 2022. Management intends to grow the Crocs brand to $5 billion in revenue by 2026, which would be nearly 1.5 times the current market cap.

We were also shown new items at the sales meeting before travelling over to Oxford Street, where there were numerous stunning croc samples on display that have yet to be published, as well as other installations and style ideas.

But what good are all your event goals if you don’t engage people with a fantastic party? Perhaps not so good, But, because this is Crocs, the Garmspot family walked into the dance floor with the sublime Croslite comfort beneath their feet.