TOP SHELF: The Best Care For Your Skin


Skin care is all the rave these days. It has gradually become this hip new trend that everybody wants to hop on— which is great because healthy skin never hurts anyone. But with the many skincare products out there, it can be quite overwhelming for anyone; worse if you’re new to skincare. 

Here are some of Garmspot’s top picks that should be at the top of your shelf to make your journey a little easier.

CeraVe Hydrating Face Cleanser 

Top shelf


First off, a cleanser is formulated to clear your face of excess oil, sunscreen, makeup and grime accumulated on your face as you go about your day. Some cleansers can be a bit harsh on your skin and leave it feeling dry. But the CeraVe hydrating face cleanser is the opposite; it is very gentle and smooth on your skin. And it is also such an intuitive product as it comes in variety to accommodate the different skin types. So if you have oily skin and have lost hope in finding something soft and simple, have no fear, CeraVe is here!


Tiam Vitamin B3 Serum

Top shelf

Jumia Nigeria

Antioxidants are instrumental in helping your skin repair itself. They protect the skin from things that can stress it and cause inflammation seeing as inflammation interferes with your skin’s ability to repair itself. Tiam’s B3 serum feels so good on the skin and your skin absorbs it pretty quickly. It also layers well with other products you use on your skin. It is great for oily acne-prone skin but if you think that only oily skin needs this serum, think again! Everyone needs an antioxidant in their skincare routine. Well unless you’re looking to let your skin age faster.


Dr Teal’s Vitamin C Body Lotion

Top shelf

No, not only your face needs some tender loving care, your whole body does. And this product is the right pick for this. It keeps your skin smooth, soft and moisturized all day long with a little amount. Note that I used the word “moisturized”, not greasy. The Dr Teal Vitamin C lotion somehow manages to leave your skin with an almost matte-like finish while still preserving moisture. A huge plus with this lotion is the tropical scent; it isn’t overbearing like a lot of citrus-scented products. It, instead, has a light and gentle scent.


Biore UV Sunscreen

Top Shelf

Bellyrubz Beauty

There’s nothing more upsetting than using a sunscreen that stings your eyes— worse if it runs whenever you sweat. Not only does this product not sting your eyes, it is also fragrance free, absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t leave a white cast. A major plus for ladies who love to have make up on is that the Biore sunscreen sits well under your makeup. So feel free to slay your face how you please!


Lookchic Hydrating Rose Glow Mist 

Top shelf


Enjoy the deeper benefits that come with having smooth and soft skin with the Lookchic Hydrating Glow Mist. Infused with Rose Water, instantly hydrate your skin with our glow mist and enjoy a natural glow.

This mist leaves your skin feeling moisturized and can also be used as a setting spray for a dewy makeup finish. You can get this product here!


Simple Micellar Facial Gel Wash

Top shelf

Allure cosmetics

This is a bonus product we added to the list because it is such a great find. You’ve probably heard of micellar water by now. But if you haven’t, micellar water is used to cleanse the face of grime. It is also used as a pre-cleanser— before you use your regular cleanser— to gently take off your makeup and clean out your pores. See how great micellar water sounds? Now, imagine a micellar facial wash. It works like magic and deep cleanses your skin. Like all Simple products, this facial wash is scent free. 


Figuring out the best skincare routine is like treading rocky terrain— it’s a bit tough and you would encounter a couple of obstacles. But if you’re keen on getting that smooth-like-a-baby’s-bottom skin, you have to keep at it. No worries, we’d be here every step of the way!