Let’s Talk About: Bringing African Art and Technology Together

During the COVID lockdown, a variety of innovative artistic methods became popular. One of these is the evolution of visual art, which combines art and technology to create digital art.

In this generation, digital art has emerged as a contemporary method of expression to which new visual artists now subscribe. The majority of digital artists utilize this medium because it allows them to mix a variety of techniques, including drawing, painting, animation, photography, and architecture, to produce the visuals that best convey their creative vision.

Also, in digital art production, a range of methods are handled on the same computer system, as opposed to physical approaches, which need the use of several physical methods.


Lets Talk About: African arts meet technology

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Digital painting, digital photography, and mixed media are examples of such techniques that combine auditory and visual representations to form art.


Digital Art in Nigeria

The Art Tech District is home to some of this art.

Lets Talk About: African Arts Meets technology


It is the first digital museum in Nigeria, and it is located in Abuja, the capital city.

It exhibits a wide variety of traditional and cultural art through digital media.. The Art Tech District uses this method of artistic representation to preserve cultural heritage.

“In the Arts Tech District, what we are trying to do within this space is to create a community where creatives, especially upcoming artists, can really strive, learn new things, explore new ideas, and meet themselves as well,” said Ms. Faridah Dikko, General Manager, Arts Tech District, in an interview with the Sun

Several events, including Art X Lagos, Impart Artists Fair, NxT. Art fair, and a slew of art galleries, have witnessed the incorporation of digital art into the Nigerian art scene. Digitizing art is currently a legal way of preserving cultural heritage.


Digital art explores what cultural realities exist and what they may be.


Lets Talk About: African Arts Meets Technology

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Social media and cryptocurrency have also aided the expansion of modern art through the introduction of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

This media enables young Nigerian artists to connect and receive suitable feedback from a worldwide audience.

This allows less popular African artists to work on a global scale, resulting in a faster development of the African art scene.