Party Theme: 6 Ways To Style Your Outfits

Parties are the setting stage to bring out your clothing pieces and show off your wardrobe. You get to witness some of the most ingenious styles at party events regardless of its prevailing theme.

Wedding parties, music parties, fashion parties, meme parties. Every party carries its clothing dialogue which for the most part is usually direct and oftentimes has color guides. However, what happens when you either have too many clothing pieces to play with, or perhaps you just can’t figure out the right fitting for a specific outfit due to a hundred other reasons.

Here are 6 ways to style your outfits that will fit you into every occasion and absolutely draw some hot eyes towards your direction

Wedding party

6 Ways To Style Your Outfits

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Considered to be the most flamboyant party themes where everyone isn’t dressed to kill, but no doubt is going for a kill. Typically wedding parties own their theme colors. This gives an excellent cue as to where to begin with. Colors and color matches.


When picking out an outfit for a wedding party. Allow for something  elegant yet comfortable for extended movements. A fine example will be a brilliant laced maxi dress with a fine split to the thigh. A tuxedo cut to fit, is always perfect too.


Birthday party

6 Ways To Style Your Outfits

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Almost casual in nature but can sometimes be vibrant. Birthday parties allow for a more relaxed showing. You are allowed to flow from casual to dashing without cutting too deep into the cake.


Choose warm colors and be certain to pair with light accessories. Pendants, rings and sunglasses are great combinations.


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Award/Fashion party

6 Ways To Style Your Outfits

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Here, everyone is dressed to kill! Styles slinging and colors bursting. This is the stage to come on out without restrictions. From the red carpets showing to the main events that usually constitute these parties the show is always on.


However, the trick to winning is to be natural i.e. pick clothing pieces that reflects your elegant personality, with the emphasis on elegant.


Meme party

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Meme parties are fun! For style and cruise. And perhaps the easiest kind to style. All you really need to rock a meme party is a meme character really. Meme parties have no strict code and the best part? No fashion faux.

As long as the meme rocks it. You rock it.

You might also decide to add a note of your personal signature by adding a signet pendant if you’ve got one of slightly switching up the colors.

Outdoor party

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Relaxing, chill and often crowded such as concerts and parties. All you want to make sure of is comfort. Of course don’t forget the styling essentials which are colors and fittings. 


Pick out something you can sweat in and not feel the immediate need to take off. Also style with a bit of utility. A Jean jacket in case of cold weather. Crocs if you’ll need to move around a bit more. Sunglasses and face hats too.


House Party

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The ultimate chill parties you’d perhaps attend, except you’ve got hyperactive individuals in your circle.

The rules for these parties are simple: “come covered”. The contrast of which all you really have to do is attend pretty.


Yes, there would be a few showings and a few high moments. Simply dress as you would when going out with friends. Don’t overthink the style or colors or accessories. Take it lightly but wear your style attractively.


Get the colors

Clothing begins with fabric. Fabric begins with colors. – Garmspot Sensi

As soon as you understand the theme of the party, the best place to begin styling what outfit you’ll wear should begin with your choice of colors.


Depending on how much clothing resources you have to spare, monochrome outfits are for the most part suitable i.e. a single coloured outfit. If your party has a predetermined color, use that. If it doesn’t, choose your favourite colour. No favourite colour? Go with Black, White or Red. They are essential fire cracking colors if you get the placements right.

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