Clash Of Colors: A Fashion Statement

Can you believe there was a time there were so many fashion rules to follow? Stuff like— don’t mix prints or always match shoes with a bag and a belt.

It’s hard to reconcile what we knew as fashion, right? In this day and age, fashion is treated as wearable art. There are no rules to be followed, just “create your own style”.

This gives people the confidence to break those rules— like wearing clashing colors for instance. The tricky part now is how to pull it off.

I’m sure there’s a list of colour pairs you’ve been told or read somewhere that shouldn’t be paired together. Red and yellow, black and brown, pink and green, stuff like that. You should reconsider. Here’s why.


This colour pairing may be the most surprising. But trust me, they work well together. Especially in the same hues.

If you’re looking at pastel yellow, you should opt for light pink. But mustard yellow is your best bet with red.

Is it just me or is this a great combo for dopamine dressing?

Clash Of Colors: A Fashion Statement



They are both neutral colours and somewhere in your head, you’re probably thinking you should add a bright colour to the mix. You could but don’t. Just keep it neutral.

Focus on the textures and style instead of the colours. Pair a casual black bag with a casual pair of brown shoes. And a pair of stylish black shoes with a stylish brown jacket. You get it, right?



Whatever picture first came to your mind when you saw this colour combo may make you cringe a little. And you’re probably right to assume that this can go pretty bad pretty fast.

But you can make a statement with this combo. You can keep it simple with one of them as a primary colour and just a touch of the other.

And you can also simply pick out pink pants and a green top or the other way around. Just make sure they are in the same tone.

So many other “clashing” colours can work great with each other. Just remember that most times, it isn’t about the colour itself. But the shade, texture and dressiness of the pieces. Find what works with your style and make a statement.