Music fashion focus: Asaké

Instagram: Asaké Music

Asaké, the new firecracker from the YBNL base championed by Olamide (aka Baddo) is a spectacular sensation in the Nigerian music scene for the all so evident reason – The sound of his music.

Rocking Afrobeats with the Amapiano music flavour, Asake is gradually imprinting his signature on the industry as perhaps an iconic afro-fusion artist.

However, following the success of his music in the Afrobeats community. Asaké has equally matched the vibrant energy of his music with style and colors. From visuals of his music videos, to shows and events, Asaké evidently isn’t shy of colors.

Asaké (aka Mr Money) has a flair for monochrome outfits but can equally rock a flair of colors that displays his essence of style. Let’s have a look at some of his spectacular showings


The Sungba Mix

Instagram: Asaké Music

The visuals of Sungba displayed Asaké in a number of outfits with the standout featuring a plain white round tee alongside a pair of black pants and a gloss Oxford. Without leaving out the vintage scarf. 

This look is perhaps one of the simplest yet intriguing looks you can always recreate for any occasion excluding high fashion shows.

Perhaps, you’re not confident in a white tee and a pair of black pants. A black on black combo still hits the mark.

Music fashion focus: Asaké

Instagram: Asaké Music

The remix featuring Burna Boy, shows a transition to flair urban style. With a black jacket and cargo pants. Asaké reaffirms his dynamic choice of style from classic vintage to hardcore street style.


Big Boy Palazzo

Palazzo is all about energy. The tempo of the song flows on an even rhythm and rises on the hook. Same with the style featured in its visual representation.

From a tank tee to a multi-patterned body hug and a pair of oversized jean pants. Palazzo rocks with the big boy energy.

Instagram: Spinall

A suitable style for a high tempod event such as an outdoor party or music festival. 



With his latest hit single, Mr Money also displays his loving contrast for street heavy clothing and classic styled outfits.

Sand boots, white tank and beige cargo pants transitions to a white club collar shirt underneath a wine colored knitted jacket and a pair of blue gloss boots.

Asaké effortlessly flaunts colors, without leaving his accessories left out – The grill!.

An interesting piece of Asaké’s style are his locks. He uses this to complement any piece of color he adds to his outfit. This allows for a flexibility of choice whilst displaying correct color matches.

Depending on your personal flair and choice of style, the essentials are simple. Understand colors and choose complementing contrasts. Also don’t be shy to experiment as well with accessories. As even seemingly regular styles are magnified with just the right match of accessories such as pendants, vintage scarfs, rings and of course grills.

Music fashion focus: Asaké

Instagram: Asaké Music

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