Miniskirts Make A Comeback

Mini skirts are back in fashion! I repeat mini skirts are back in fashion!

The early 60s and 70s were the era of the mini skirt. They have also been revived a few times in recent years, like the majority of fashion trends. However, hemlines are even shorter and thighs are even thicker this time.

There used to be an unwritten fashion rule that only small, slender women could wear mini skirts, but you know what we do with unwritten rules. We completely throw them out and develop our own taste.

Mini skirts have returned to the runway thanks to the decision of many fashion companies. It’s safe to say they’re back in style with slightly updated versions. Rihanna, Zendaya, Hailey Baldwin, and a few other celebrities have all been spotted wearing one on multiple occasions.

Here are a few things you should try if you want to join in on this fabulous trend.


Miniskirts Make A ComeBack


A mini denim skirt is proof that denim is always a good choice. It’s a nice and cozy option if you’re just running errands or going out for the evening with friends.


Miniskirts Make A ComeBack


With a patterned mini skirt, you can turn heads. Try Aztec, polka-dot, stripes, or collage patterns. Pair with a pretty top in a neutral color. Step out in style by adding accessories to your outfit.


One exciting and trendy piece is a colored mini skirt. You can play it a bit safe and tone it down by picking a neutral-colored top. Or you can step out of your comfort zone by clashing your colored mini skirt with another colored top.

You already know which we hope that you opt for.

You have to own at least one mini skirt in your wardrobe. They are easy to dress up or down so thereโ€™s rarely an occasion they donโ€™t work in.

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