In Celebration of Croctober and Nigeria’s Independence Day, Crocs Gets Creative with Lagos Based Artistic Talent, Bello.

As a global brand and fierce believer in authenticity and inclusivity, CrocsTM continues to make ripples in the creative industry.

In celebration of Croctober and Nigeria’s Independence Day, Crocs spent time with Lagos based graffiti artist Bello to explore his artistic interpretation of the Crocs motto, “Come as You Are”.

To Bello, “Come as You Are” represents freedom of expression and individuality. With his surroundings as a source of expression, this local artist explains that “my location plays a major role in my art. Everything I see and experie


nce in my day-to-day activities is what inspires me. My friends and family give me the drive to take my art to the next level.”

Bello’s primary goal as an artist has always been to stand differently.

To be “unique and far from basic”. He sees his work as an expression of himself and how he views art.

“My art aims to educate and entertain,” says Bello. “To tell a story. It’s amazing that people really didn’t understand what graffiti was, but now with the power of self-expression, I’ve been able to connect with people more and have a voice of my own with art. ”

Bello sees the work with Crocs Nigeria as a creative opportunity for him to educate Nigerian youth and encourage them to express themselves in their field of skills and dreams.

Bello’s brand is multifaceted, inspired by a movement of art known as graffiti/urban art.
His gift has been developing since high school, when he first realised he wanted to pursue this career path. Today, his growth and development as an artist is a testimony to his hard work and consistency.

Crocs celebrates Croctober by elevating local talent. We encourage all creatives, dreamers, rebels, fashionistas, and footwear fanatics to “come as you are”.


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Visuals by Bidemi Popson and the @J8company.
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