Did you hear the news? Did you see the Crocs? Have you felt the Effect…?

People say it’s an obsession. Some say you’re crazy. Family members give you strange looks, and friends are secretly envious.

It starts with one pair of Classic Clogs. Then you go a step further: you buy the Classic Clogs in aqua, electric pink, red, and sunshine yellow. Because more colours, more fun, right? And you add Jibbitz. Always add Jibbitz!




Source: Crocs

Next thing you know, you’ve got 5 pairs of Clogs. And then you grab the Classic Bae Tie-Dye Graphic Wedge because you’re extra like that. You wear your Clogs with outrageous and unique outfits because it just works.

Bonus: they’re always comfortable.

Source: Crocs
Crocs are infiltrating your life, and it looks (and feels) so good.

Nigeria Is Feeling The Crocs Effect

Once you’re in, there’s no way back. We call it the Crocs Effect. People are feeling it from the runway to the streets, from the beach to their homes.

Now, the Crocs Effect is here in Nigeria! Social media sensation and digital creator Jess “Finesse” Chibueze was spotted wearing pink Crocs Classic Clogs. Fidelis Tboy, fashionista and model, is also Croc’n a pair. Are you next?




Source: Crocs

Come As You Are With CROCS Calling All Classics

Nigeria is feeling the Crocs Effect and it’s time for you to respond. How? Why, just Come As You Are. We’d love for you to join Crocs’ global family. The only rule: be yourself!

We asked our Nigerian community what Come As You Are meant to them. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Come as you are” means to come the way you are without changing anything about yourself.” @tomilolase

“Come as you are, to me, means being completely yourself. Accepting your flaws and all, realising that those tiny little things you call imperfections are what make you unique.”

“Come As You Are” means for me to be in my own skin, in my own character, in my own skills, in my own attitude. It means accepting not the definition other people expect from me, but accepting the definition I create for myself.”

“Come as you are to me means wherever you go, don’t hold your creativity back or put your creative side in a box. Don’t ever hide your true self or be a fake version of you. Be yourself and love who that is.”

“Come as you are means to never ever forget your roots, love yourself for who you are without having to impress anyone, always be true to yourself because you are unique and always stay true to only you.”

“It means be yourself regardless of the situation or outcome.”

You heard them. Come As You Are! There’s a colour, shape, style, and Jbbitz charm for everyone. So get yourself a pair online or in store! Follow @crocsnigeriaofficial & @garmspot for news and photos of our latest shoes, and Express Yourself the Crocs way.