Garmspot partners ThePeer to Provide Seamless Checkout Experience for shoppers

Lagos, Nigeria, March 27th, 2023

Garmspot, a leading fashion retail platform for indigenous and global fashion brands, and ThePeer, a leading payment processor, have announced a collaboration aimed at providing a seamless checkout experience for shoppers.

The partnership between the two companies seeks to improve user experience in the E-commerce ecosystem, providing a more convenient and efficient way for customers to make payments. With the collaboration, customers will be able to easily pay for their purchases directly from various digital wallets through Thepeer’s secure and reliable payment infrastructure.

 This collaboration comes as Garmspot continues to expand its online presence and offer more products and services to its customers. By integrating with Thepeer, Garmspot hopes to enhance the checkout experience for its customers, enabling them to make faster and more convenient payments.

 “Our customers’ experience is of our utmost importance at Garmspot, and ensuring an easy and seamless checkout is vital to that experience. The integration with Thepeer brings us a step closer as it now allows our users to pay with their digital wallets such as ChipperCash, Eversend, Pocketapp, and Bitsika to name a few,” said Demi Adesanya, CTO of Garmspot. ” this collaboration with Thepeer is a big step in that direction.”

 “We are excited to work with Garmspot to provide a convenient and secure payment method for their customers,” said Chike Ononye, CEO of Thepeer. “We recognize the impact of empowering businesses in the continent, bringing them closer to their consumers. With this collaboration, we aspire to enhance the overall user experience in the E-commerce ecosystem and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership”

 About Garmspot:

Garmspot is a leading fashion retail platform for indigenous and global fashion brands based in Nigeria, offering a range of high-quality products, including clothing, footwear, and accessories. Garmspot is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible shopping experience, both online and offline.

About ThePeer:

ThePeer is a leading payment processor, offering a secure and reliable way for businesses to accept payments online from digital wallets and neobanks. Thepeer is committed to providing a fast and reliable payment experience for businesses and their customers, making it easy for businesses to process payments quickly and efficiently.