Brand Spotlight: #IWD2023 Edition

As we reflect on the progress that has been made in the fight for gender equality, we are also reminded of the countless challenges that women still face. We think of the daughters who are denied an education, the sisters who experience violence and discrimination, and the women who are systematically excluded from positions of power and influence. Yet, despite these obstacles, women continue to break through barriers, shatter stereotypes, and pave the way for future generations. Today, we celebrate the resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit of women everywhere, and renew our commitment to creating a world where every woman is valued, respected, and able to achieve her fullest potential.

This year, we explore the theme “DigitaALL: Innovation and Tech for gender equality” we reached out to women in the fashion space who share this sentiment and asked them to share their experiences, and one fact remained consistent over time; Women have come a long way in the fight for equity, but there is still much work to be done.

Mabel Alubo is the Founder of Luvv By Bella, a fashion brand making bespoke beads for and using Garmspot to reach millions of fashion enthusiasts, spoke about her experience, and what IWD means for her and the Luvv By Bella brand.

Merchandising to me is about providing solutions to needs,   The next Gen,” she said, “is perhaps the most expressive ever with diverse individual identity. LUVV BY BELLA believes in identity, uniqueness, and vibe. As the founder, it’s my mission to contribute to the culture by using jewelry as a medium to meet the demands of self-expression through customization and careful curation of each bead” she continued, “Being a woman in merchandising has been very rewarding for me & my hope is to inspire other young women to always go for it. Happy International Women’s Day!

Molly Fajemirokun, the Founder & CEO of MOLD ME BY MOLLY,  a woman who values both fitness, fashion, and comfort, recognized the need for functional, stylish, easily accessible, and high-quality activewear in Africa and carved out a niche for herself by creating MoldMe By Molly described her experience navigating the Athleisure industry as a woman in Nigeria as beautifully chaotic, Challenging, yet deeply rewarding.

In her words, “Seeing women of different sizes and races wear and love pieces I created is honestly one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever experienced. Being a woman is tough! Anatomically, our bodies go through so much, our minds too. Considering our day-to-day activities, I truly wanted to create something that would make women feel good when they look at themselves, at any given time, even if they weren’t necessarily feeling good internally. I believe that by staying true to myself and my values, I have done just that.”

We also had the chance to hear about her experiences navigating the challenges of running a business in Nigeria, as it pertains to women

She stated that although it’s been an amazing experience so far, running a business in Nigeria, as a woman, can be challenging. There are a number of gender-neutral challenges faced, such as navigating the complex logistics of shipping products across the country or worldwide, and the intense instability of our currency consistently shrinking profit margins. Then there are the women-focused issues, such as being told to focus on my home and building a family. Being scammed by manufacturers because I come across as a timid and polite woman. Needing the help of my husband to speak to vendors in order to get things done in a timely manner.”

Despite the plethora of challenges women in business face, Molly stated “I am happy and honored to be running a business in my home country and creating something that is novel in this part of the world. Nigerian women are a force, and it’s becoming more and more apparent as we continue to innovate, push boundaries and scale on our own terms, despite the many obstacles we face. I am proud of our journey so far and remain dedicated to our mission. We hope to achieve even greater success with MoldMe By Molly.”

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