Garmspot Guide To Black Friday

Black Friday Is Here!

November is well sunk in and we are getting closer to the big rush of Black Friday deals. We’re rounding up all of the best and juiciest deals with the biggest and most sought-after brands across Africa so you can finally cross some items off your wishlist. This year, we are doing things differently, giving you an entire week of goodies, as opposed to the previous years where the deals were saved only for Black Friday. It’s time for you to turn your attention and notifications ON for the four biggest shopping events of the year.  We are kick starting the shopping season with the Early Bird Sales through to Cyber Monday.

Early Bird Sale!

Yes! You read that right, the Early Bird access. We know you’ve been hearing about Black Friday all year long, but once it actually comes around, it’s easy to forget about the joys of holiday shopping until your best-friend posts a photo of their new dress on Insta.

Early Bird Sale

Our Early Bird Sales will allow you to shop on our mobile app before all the other deals go live on Black Friday!  This is the first and grand entry into the biggest discount of the season which kick starts 7:30pm on M0nday November 20th, till 9:00 am on Wednesday, November 23rd.

The discount is limited, and they won’t last long — So make sure you download our mobile app before they run out! and get ready for more amazing deals when we launch our Black Friday sales later in the week.

Our mobile app is available on IOS and Android.


Mystery Sales

Oh, this one is so exciting! The Mystery Sales you cannot miss! We’re setting you up with the ultimate treasure hunt, and we want YOU to be the one who finds it. With discounts ranging from 10% all the way up to 30% off your favorite products — you just might find them all! 

Mystery Sales

This gives every user a chance to go on a virtual hunt for discount codes from all corners of the Garmspot website.

But the big question is what is mysterious about that?

Here is the trick, nobody knows when the exact time for the mystery sales goes live, so it’s up to you to turn ON your notifications to our socials (@garmspot) and sleep on the Garmspot socials pages because anytime on the 23rd of November, the discounts go live and you don’t want to miss this. Imagine your favorite brand on Garmspot going for as low as 80% off and you find that treasure in the hunt. Yes!!! You read that right!



No breaks, on The 24th again, we move into the Bid4Me session with our Instagram audience where we go live and drop bids for a whole range of items for all items you want out of your wishlist.


We’ve got tons of amazing products up for grabs, and we want YOU to bid on them. The more people who join us in bidding, the lower the prices get until they reach their minimum bid amounts—which means that everyone has a fair shot at getting what they want.

For ONE DAY ONLY — We’re going live on Instagram, and you can join in and bid in our auction for the coolest items. Entries will be received via our DMs as the Insta live is ongoing. So come join us on Instagram Live! We’ll be announcing our winners as soon as they’re picked (or as soon as our DMs are full).  Turn ON your live notification so you do not miss out on this.


D-Day Sales is our biggest sale of the year and we are ready to take you on a shopping spree. We did it last year, but we’re making it BIGGER this year. D-Day is a chance to celebrate the best of Black Friday.


Starting at midnight, you get the chance to shop for your favorite items on all our platforms – so be sure to start early because that PAQ bag might just be sold out before 10 AM!

Download the app, turn ON your post notification to our social pages and live on Instagram, get your wallets ready, and most importantly TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND, make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest sales week and all the good stuff we have for you.

How to prepare for Black Friday?

To prepare, all you have to do is follow our four-step Black Friday checklist we created just for you.

A. Create an account on our website. With this, you can begin building your wishlist early, making it easier and faster to checkout without losing any offers you are interested in.

B. Join our mailing list because our juicy offers will be sent directly to our subscribers, so look out for our emails. We’ll be sending you information hours before they land online and in-store.

C. Follow all our socials to stay connected and up to date on special promotions and discounts that will be disclosed there.

D. Find our store and come into the shop, as we’ve provided select offers just for our store visitors.


What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the busiest day of the year for online shopping. In addition to giving online retailers a piece of the Christmas preparation pie, it gives holiday deal-hunters a more convenient shopping option. Just like Black Friday, there will be a lot of offers available. Generally, Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday directly after Black Friday, usually in late November.

Does Garmspot Have A Cyber Monday Sale?

Sure we do! We’re having a Cyber Monday sale. Get your wallets ready. More information coming soon.