Garmspot launches new collection ‘FEELS: CMFRT’

Standing on the racks and previewed live this summer is Garmspot’s anchor release. FEELS: CMFRT. A follow-up anchor release to the early capsule collection released in 2020. Garmspot has merged two distinct trends into one clothing concept.

FEELS: CMFRT collection is crafted with an urban styled theme but equally embraces the hearts of essential clothing culture. Beige, stone, powder blue are the signature color shades predominantly displayed in this collection.

The colors featured in this capsule collection essentially displays its intention for comfort and simplicity.

Every piece in the collection carries a unique script and personal signature – an embroidered prose. Taking into account the personal feeling of self awareness and wellbeing. All safely expressed in cotton and linen fabric and cut into seemingly exaggerated sizes.

Essentially urban themed, this capsule collection streams effortlessly between the masculine and feminine clothing culture. A form of gender-fluid clothing comfortable for anyone and everyone who embraces simplicity and comfort.

An intentional art to promote a sense of unity and bond with fits available exclusively at our online and live stores, you can share in our excitement of FEELS: CMFRT.