Fabrics with emotion

Fabrics with emotion is the theme of the season as FEELS: CMFRT line combines comfort, style, and a dash of eccentricity to produce some of the most intriguing clothes.

Clothing pieces telling different stories, while expressing emotions of the storyteller are timeless pieces of clothing.

As a sequel to its original release, FEELS: CMFRT is created as a flagship release from the capsule collection FEELS released in 2020. Consciously introducing our desire to produce a blend of urban style, poetic personalities and black excellence.

Poetry and Fashion, has evidently been a dynamic pair to clothing choices and creators. Curated with a flair for the flamboyant, however a simple outlook, FEELS: CMFRT capsule collection holds the sun to the fragile, yet simple elements of minimal street fashion.

FEELS: CMFRT collection walks on the border of unisex clothing fashion, embracing the beauty of masculine and feminine styles both used to create the specific designs in its collection catalogue. Broadly utilitising delicate and warm colors. The cool and  seasonal powder-blue blends effortlessly with the warm beige throughout the collection. Allowing for an ecstatic contrast of colors on different spectrums.

Cut to comfort, this collection predominantly favors the Cotton and Linen fabrics. Fabrics with emotions is the dream choice of every urban themed style. However, the specifics of the styles encompass broad layered fits.

Explore the comfort of being safe and present. Literally embody the quotes that make you feel extensive and complete. Carry with you our gift of happiness and affection sewn in every stitch and embroidery of FEELS: CMFRT.

Available exclusively at Garmspot, FEELS: CMFRT collection drop will be live in our online and physical stores. With all pieces available for those seeking to explore the comfort, style and colors of this new collection.

With love, Garmspot.