The colors and sounds of Afrobeats

Distinct from what is considered its origin or counterpart. Afrobeats ushered by some of Africa’s top music acts including Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido, Sarkodie, Tiwa Savage, Niniola and a host of many others.

With its signature for ordered rhythm, and often composed with the local dialects. Afrobeats has a genre has cut through centres of global music, edging itself as one of the most treasured pieces of modern African art.

Beyond its sounds, which in modern times features characteristics of other popular genres including pop, soul and jazz themed music. Afrobeats have undoubtedly come to life with the artistic representations of individual artists.

Unlike Alté (Nigerian for Alternative) music, which features a highly experimental concept of fashion colors. Afrobeats owes its style to the originality of the artists associated with the genre. Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Borrowing from who is fondly considered the father of Afrobeat – Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. The charismatic and stage vibrant music activists that birthed the sound of Afrobeat in the 70’s. Whose eccentric style was considered futuristic and different from the popular African styles back in the day.

Afrobeat artists also have embraced the selfsame culture of futuristic yet personal signature of clothing styles.

Walking the runway for Dolce and Gabbana, back in 2018. Wizkid displayed a contrast from his renowned style of African fabric fused with street wear colors to a vibrant dark and gold piece. A bold interpretation of how dynamic Afrobeats fashion always has been.

The colors and sounds of Afrobeats

Instagram: Tiwa Savage

Other Afrobeat artists including Tiwa Savage, Tems, Burna Boy, Lojay and Black Sheriff express their acute styles differently. 

With most of the women embracing styles that affirm their femininity and display their comfort in their sexuality, to brazen casual contrasts. Including minimalist styles popular in global fashion communities. Many more contrasts exist within the genre that also cuts through the center of many fashion styles and ideologies.

The colors and sounds of Afrobeats

Instagram: Temsbaby

However, the broad styles common with Afrobeats doesn’t create a distortion within the fashion style of the genre. While most trends are expressed by individual artists, and clothing creators. A fine note to always remember is Afrobeats fashion is essentially African in design but global in style. A signature note to its wonderfully crafted style of beats and rhythm and instrumentals.

Looking into the future, with the progress of Afrobeats music on world stages, global music charts and extended fashion scenes. The comparison of the styles will draw to a similar conclusion of being African in design. While popular fashion trends will always remain a part of Afrobeats fashion culture, the styles however will seek to retain a sense of African signature in color patterns or cut designs. Simply as the whole ideology of Afrobeats music exists in the statement repeated by some of Africa’s renowned musical artists: “Africa to the world!”.