Quick Facts About Garmspot

Here are some quick facts about your favourite fashion retailer, Garmspot!

Did you Garmspot Delivers to all States across Nigeria?

  • Even if you’re Gombe, we’ll deliver to you


Did you know Garmspot has 3 physical stores across Lagos?

  • With more set to open later in the year across the country. Garmspot stores are opening up to bring you closer to our pocket friendly, quality Garments


Did you know Garmspot accepts all major forms of payment?

  • Yes, even transfers, USSD, all major cards and Crypto


Did you know we maintain a 7 day return policy?

  • We understand items may not be your size and there may be reason to return or exchange the items, see our returns policy here for more info


Did you know that if only you took your time to go through our site deeper, you’d have found our Golden Easter Egg worth 100,000!?

  • We’ve hidden it really well so you have to be observant to have found it.


Did you know that we’re having a mobile app launch soon?

  • It will be available to users for both Android and Apple operating systems.


Did you know Garmspot is a major retailer of global fashion brands and indigenous brands alike?

  • We stock major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Crocs as well as Nigerian owned brands such as Severe Nature, Abike Shop and NBDA to name a few!