Amongst Nigeria’s leading street wear brands, ‘Mr Garbe’ recently released a capsule collection with Nigerian Menswear brand JZO . This collection which is a collaborative effort between Mr. Garbe and JZO, is one of the biggest collaborative efforts coming at the end of the year. However its their first ever capsule collection together and there could be more yet to come. This collection represents both brands evolution, with unisex pieces of panelled trousers , peter pan shirts, tailored shorts, frilled shorts and cropped shirts. It also has other gender specific staples.

‘As we know, the world is currently in a dark place with constant terrorist attacks, natural disasters and epidemic diseases, so it is our aim to send good vibes into the universe with our 4 keywords

‘Lero’ – Easily

‘Ominira’ –  Liberation/freedom

‘Alafia’ –  Peace

‘Ife’ – Love.’

All items have ‘Ler0’ ‘Ominira’ ‘Alafia’ and ‘Ife’ on them.

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