An Introduction by Akinbami Ladipo-Ajayi

The term “you are what you wear” has never been more relevant than it is now. It’s gone from a being regular turn of phrase, to a lifestyle guide especially in a society where fashion is is now a lifestyle rather than just simply…wearing clothes.

Now we know fashion in Nigeria has been on a serious up & up over the past few years, undergoing a serious rebranding and the youth more so have been on the forefront of this revolution. So who better to guide the youth through the urban fashion maze than Garmspot?

Garmspot is a carefully curated online platform that offers the most eclectic selection of urban, street and casual wear anywhere in Nigeria – and dare I say West Africa. Tailored towards the bourgeoning youth, Garmspot has managed to bring together new and exciting emerging clothing brands from around the country and the diaspora. It is truly a “for the youth, by the youth” movement.

Get the whole town feeling your vibe with creative and culturally relevant pieces from designers like Mr. Garbe and his Garbe Life campaign, or be enlightened and educate others through the “F.A.K.E” (False activity Kills Everything) movement.

Are you inspired by the aesthetics of mother nature, celebrate her with pieces from Canadian Nigerian brand Severe Nature, and complement  that with a pair of sun glasses from the good people of Dapmod.

The list of possibilities are endless on Garmspot. With a steady increase in both stock and designers, be it shoes, accessories, clothing, you name it, theres always something for everyone.