David Blackmoore SS22 collection drop

Hitting the stands with a brand new spring collection release. David Blackmoore SS22 is an addition to the exclusive streetwear brand and clothing collection. Represented in monochrome, to include black, white and neon orange.

The SS22 collection drop is a devotional piece with its flagship apparel “DB Angel Tee”. Featuring a dark-skinned angel with an afro and hair chain. Gliding on golden wings. Pronouncing the ‘chosen’ of streetwear clothing ‘BLACKMOORE’ boldly carried in the background.

In addition to the collection release, the SS22 collection also features some signature pieces from the David Blackmoore exclusive collection. However, these pieces are not part of the original SS22 collection. They are the ordained apparels that spells out the David Blackmoore belief of street fashion and pop-culture.

Showing some emphatic styling for the David Blackmoore SS22 collection drop, the 12+ Pulp Desire Denim, Burning pokes and the 12+ “The one, The Only, The Original” are all ecstatic additions to any variant of this brand new collection. Showcasing the raw trend of black pop-culture and styling.
However, all variants of the David Blackmoore SS22 collection will match with your personal flair and street fashion culture, given your audacity to stand out.

Consequently, with this new spring release. There are glaring indications about the streetwear brand gaining mainstream attention among the believers of streetwear culture and storytelling pop-fashionistas. Most importantly, among young creatives and mavericks who agree the future of street fashion is independent of high-fashion trends.

In conclusion, the SS22 collection has been exclusively released at the Garmspot G-Spot experience and is also available on the Garmspot shop  and are ready for you to cop while still in stock!