Ghana is indeed a paradise;

As the Garmspot team awaited its pop-up in Accra, our content team explored the streets of Accra. Jamestown situated where the gulf of Guinea sends tidings from the Atlantic oceans remained the most fascinating sight. It also happens to be the liveliest district in the Accra region which has a large canoes owned by fishers.

With a large settlement, it remains a fishing community inhabited primarily by the Ga.

Photographed by Asiafa Fego and Stylist Riki Seun the newly exclusively products from Vok to Godly, David Blackmoore , Free The Youth Ghana and Garmspot for Ghana where captured among the locals of Jamestown as they hit the bay.

Model wears Vok brand t-shirt

Models wears Free the Youth Ghana T-shirt

Models wears Garmspot “Accra” T-shirt

Model wears David Blackmoore Bleached T-shirt in collaboration with Harvest

Model wears Godly “Accra” T-shirt

Model wears Godly ‘STAY GODLY’ T-shirt



Photography : Asiafa Fego

Styling : Riki Seun

Styling Assistant :  Ogochukwu Daniel

Photography Assistant : Ngozi Okonkwo

Production : Niyi Okeowo