Fifty shades of black: A guide to sunglasses

Fifty shades of black: many times referenced as statement accessories, sunglasses have always been utilized to create or complete an expression in clothing cultures and personal styles. Present in perhaps every style of fashion ideology, sunglasses are universal in use but don’t carry the same characteristic in style.

Sunglasses come in different shapes, colors, tints and expressions. With some cutting across multiple styles and others rendered to a specific concept. A concise understanding of what fits where is crucial to having a confident expression with your clothing style.

Either you’re starting a collection, or even adding a new piece to an already existing collection of shades you own. You should consider the following characteristics before acquiring the next piece or adding it to your next outfit.

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Frame style

As fabric is to style, same is frame to sunglasses – Garmspot

Before picking up any new piece, it is important to consider the style of the frame. Different frames are suitable for different head shapes and it’s important to understand how yours fits into the endless styles of sunglasses available.

Typically, a frame guide is essential to understanding what fits you best before going for that purchase. Depending on your intended outlook you should consider one of three choice

What type of frame?

Majorly frames are cut into one of three types

  • Full Frame
  • Half Frame
  • No Frame

Depending on your intended expression, it’s important to understand how a specific frame type fits into your style. Going retro? A half frame or a frameless pair is great. Aiming for a direct, casual or even dynamic look – a full frame works great excellently.

What material is it made from?

Frame material is equally important, from metal, plastic or natural materials such as wood). Outside the durability they add, they add a specific flavour to your style. Metal is great for classy and stylish, while plastic often fits for casual contrasts.

Fifty shades of black:

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What is its primary color?

Essentially, color adds the flair to your style. Although color typically refers to the overall theme it isn’t restricted to frame color and could include tint shades.

Theme color sets the stage for a dynamic combo using your sunglasses. While there are universal colors such as black, silver, brown and in some cases red. A few intentional choices would make a confident statement on your next outfit.

When picking out color choices, consider some of the outfits you’d like to pair them with. This is always a good place to start when matching your clothing pieces together.

Except if you’re aiming to adopt a color as a signature color, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with colors.

Lens type

Frame style largely influences the shape of your frame but regardless of this reality, you still have some flexibility regarding your lens type.

Majorly there are four types of lenses

  • Optical lenses: usually the most expensive since their major aim is to offer you distortion free sight. Typically they are durable in build.
  • Polycarbonated lenses: quite similar to optical lenses but usually lightweight compared to optical lenses.
  • Plastic lenses: these are the most common kind. Though they often don’t provide distortion-free vision they are quite durable.
  • SR-91: essentially UV-glasses that provides you protection from ultraviolet radiation. They are in fact durable and can sustain extended use.

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    Lens tint

    Your lens tint is what particularly gives your sunglasses its expression. They provide the character outlook to your style simply by virtue of position being right in front of your eyes.

    Firstly, we discussed frame color. However, lens tints can be distinctly different from the frame color. There are lots of tint shades available, but you don’t need to overly worry about getting it right.

    Below are common tint colors:


    Sunglasses are dynamic in use and style, making them fluid. Don’t suppose only a style belongs to a specific outfit. New fashion ideaolgies are utilising multiple styles in their outfits and you have the same freedom as well. However, the difference between a confident look and a fashion faux is knowing why you’re wear what.

    If you still can’t decide what sunglasses would fit, preview our handpicked catalogue of sunglasses available on the Garmspot store.