When you walk into a room, the first thing people notice is how you smell and that determines how they will relate with you. If you smell like locust beans and all sorts best believe you are not closing any deals soon. Most people think in order to smell nice you must smell expensive and this is entirely false.

   Buying cheap perfumes that will eventually pose health threats is never the way to go when trying to purchase a fragrance. You must first understand your person and decide what you want to smell like and find a fragrance that fits in your budget perfectly. For instance, a few people like to smell like flowers, fruits, the tropics etc , while others are completely irritated by these scents.                          

   Personalities have a huge role to play when it comes to choosing a fragrance as well. Your fragrance adds to your confidence and so should always reflect who you are once you step or step out. A whiff of Elizabeth Arden’s sunflowers sends the message that a lady just walked in the room or was present and in the same vein a walk past a man who’s wearing KILLER OUD will have you constantly you looking backwards especially if he is good looking.

   Lots of people have reasons why they choose a particular fragrance. Some in remembrance of a loved one,  the cost, the branding quality, memories and lots more. The reason why you buy a particular scent matters as the sense of smell is one of the strongest senses and so you don’t want to wake one morning after that break up to smash that very expensive bottle because suddenly the memory isn’t worth it.

   Yes na all of us dey this country so I know  the economy is eating in most pockets but that’s not any reason to leave your house smelling like uncle Raheed’s fish pond. There are so many affordable brands in the market that not only have lovely fragrance but are potent enough to last all day. Take SMART COLLECTION for example , they have perfumes for as low as five thousand naira and body sprays for as low as a  thousand .

GEORGIO also have perfumes ( GEORGIO PINK and GEORGIO BLAVK ) that cater to both male and female users respectively and their prices range between five to seven thousand naira only. Just in case you cannot afford perfumes, body sprays are a good option too as they are not only affordable but most them last a bit longer than cheap perfumes. Their prizes between eight hundred  naira to two thousand naira.

   So the next time you are making that list and you feel the need to exclude your fragrance , think about how much better you will feel when you  strut into that meeting with all the confidence that smelling nice brings and seal that deal while everyone is still lost in your scent.