The Hunt is Here

Ever had to play hide and seek? Search, source and seek till you find your prize? No? That sucks.
Here’s your chance to do so in our Easter Egg Hunt!
To celebrate Easter, we’ve put together an egg hunt just for you. You stand a chance to win three possible prizes: a 50 percent discount, 20 percent discount and the grand prize of a ₦100,000 discount to shop all you want on our site.

All you have to do is go through our website, navigate through, search, and you just might find one (or all) of our amazing prizes.

It’s a hunt, so pull out all your tools this easter weekend, as this Hunt lasts from Easter Friday up until easter Monday. Starting lines are drawn, and all you have to do is to stay close to our social media, and keep a look out for our announcements on when to begin.

So what are you waiting for? Turn on our post notifications to be notified on when to begin.

Happy Hunting!