Detail Africa presents ‘FEMALE’, a fashion film that explores the cores of Women in their most accomplished, pristine and refined forms. 

The Campaign is deeply rooted in the beauty and power of Womanhood, defining her as the inspiration of her world and the pride of her adventure. 

The Film showcases the elegance, simplicity and class of the contemporary woman, depicting the gentleness in her demeanour and the fierceness in her ambition. 

Detail Africa also uses this medium to introduce diversity and inclusiveness into its brand by launching a pioneer product, the female briefcase. This product infuses features of style and functionality to best serve the contemporary woman in her journey towards greater success.  


Producer: @detailafrica

Writer and Filmmaker: @ibidunnidamilola

Photographer(s): @andikan_, @ovia_reflex

Character(s): @flawlessfacesbyjane, @divamaka and @teminikan_, @richassani

Outfit: @knanfe

Creative styling: @thisthingcalledfashionn  

Make-up: @flawlessfacesbyjane