Denim: Top Trends Of 2021

The new twists to your favorite wardrobe essential is here. Shopping just got easier.

Everyone loves denim. I mean, who doesn’t?

Over the years, its been your go-to item in your wardrobe, for its utility, style, the ease and comfort it brings. It’s timelessness, efficiency, and its ability to be transformed to pretty much whatever you envision has made it so iconic in years past. It’s no different in 2021, and as the year gradually comes to an end, a little bit of denim will definitely do your wardrobe some good. Whether you’re looking for the next best thing to skinny jeans (have you met “dad jeans”?), or you’re looking to make a statement with your denim (Boot Cut, reworked?), we’ve found the trends that will guide you to your denim utopia.

Reworked Denim

One trend we’ll be seeing a lot more of is reworked denim. As more consumers develop a stronger desire to care for our planet, retailers are creating collections of stretch biodegradable denim and eco-conscious denim. These are often made of plant-based materials that can decompose, producing a minimal environmental impact. Making use of deadstock has become a common feature as we all work to reduce our resource consumption in the pursuit of crafting incredible denim and doing our part in creating a more just and equitable world.

denim jacketreworked denim pantsreworked denim jeans with patch


Throwback “Dad” Jeans

Throwback silhouettes are a guaranteed must-have for fall. What was once considered normcore, an ironic symbol of the ’90s – or, more specifically, being middle class, achieving a greater degree of stability, and following the rules of adulthood. This is now todays mainstay trend. The effortless high-rise straight jean that Barack Obama coined “dad jeans” complete a classic, casual look but can also be styled with a more fashion-forward take, pairing anything from t-shirts, corsets, to blazers, and heels for a night out. Think late 90s Aaliyah and TLC – with a high waist, a long cut, and a million styles in between. This pant is a mainstay of street style looks for stars like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.

dad jeansthrowback dad denim on bella hadiddad denim

’90s Boot Cut Jeans

For every nostalgic dresser who’ll relish in wearing bootcut jeans, we guarantee there’ll be someone who shudders at the thought of slipping into them. Still, if the past has taught us anything, it’s that most jean styles are considered questionable before becoming widely accepted—adored even. Straight-leg jeans feel undoubtedly classic, and with the ’90s bootcut upgrade, they will work seamlessly with any outfit you decide on. The best part: they can be easily dressed up or down and allow for a shoe moment. If you’re tentative about whether bootcut jeans will suit you, put your mind at ease. If you have long legs, you will look good in a bootcut; it’s a shape that celebrates the length. Even for shorter ladies, bootcut jeans balance out your silhouette. Feel free to add a heel to hike up the height a bit.

bootcut denimblack boot cut denimblue denim on white woman


Cropped/Barrel Leg Jeans

You’ve probably come across those wide leg jeans that aren’t really wide legs, and also not really straights or boyfriend jeans. Balloon jeans? Barrel leg jeans? Huh?

Well, to sum it up, this trendy take on straight jeans features a high waist and wider cut cropped legs that are tapered at the ankle. This semi-cropped style has been immensely popular to pair with white shirts, t-shirts, puffy blouses and crop tops. Especially if the jeans are a bit flared and with a rough hemline. It’s also been common to add a belt to the waist. More than anything, it’s been all about the shoes. Pairing your cropped jeans with slippers, sneakers and gladiators have been immensely popular. Especially slippers and heels have been in the centre of attention.