Daily Paper Spring/Summer ‘22 Collection. A Hit or A Miss?

When it comes to conversations concerning Streetstyle fashion in Africa and across borders, Daily Paper has become a notable voice to reckon with. Constantly involved in exciting Street style fashion collaborations with African and world talents, Pop ups and Experiences seem to be a yearly affair at Daily Paper. With the Daily Paper Pop up in Accra Ghana, collaborations with Wizkid and Wavy The Creator, and being at the Street Souk 2021 we know that there is always something up the sleeves of Daily Paper . They recently released the Daily Paper Spring/Summer ‘22 collection and it’s giving everything it needs to give, from Nostalgia and Streetstyle fashion. 


Unapologetic, the male and female fits exudes the Confidence that Street style fashion possesses mixed with the expressive nature of Hip Hop culture. The collection pays respect to 70’s Hip Hop fashion as we knew it and shows us the similarities and (arguably,) some inspiration for street style fashion today. Infact, Co-Founder and Design Director Abderrahmane Trabsini commenting on the collection said: “I enjoyed working on this collection a lot as Hip Hop has always been, and still is, a big inspiration to us. The influence of Hip Hop and its community had a significant impact on how Daily Paper came to life. First through telling stories around street culture on our blog which later evolved to become the fashion brand we are today.”


I also love how incredibly stylish the fits look. With a good spread of Baggy Shirts and Shorts, Cool Denim Dungarees, Mini skirts, Timberland Boots as well as graphic shirts, the collection take you back to the golden days, the beginning of Hiphop, the era of Jay Z, Nas and even the legendary Aliyah. It’s exciting to see this tastefully done Throwback Fashion come to life in such brilliant form.  You should expect to see that the folks cater for the male and female Street Style Fits ranging from Dungarees, Hats, Dresses, Hoodies, Skirts, Pants, underwear and even Tote bags.


Finally, I cannot deny my love for the color spectrum applied here ranging from pastel to bright tones. From pastel green to white, Black and Burgundy hues, with a variation of slight prints to graphic tees, there is something for all street style enthusiasts and we love Daily Paper for that!  Definitely a Hit, Of course!