Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with creative director of Banana Bandits and spoke on numerous topics related to the brand , its philosophies, and fashion in general.

Banana Bandits is a street wear brand inspired by the African youth, culture and lifestyle. The brand consists of T-Shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hats, socks and accessories. Banana bandits specialize in exclusive high-end fashion produced in limited quantities ensuring that its unique designs stay fresh and rare.

You once featured at the Lagos Fashion week with TI NATHAN, how did this happen?

” I meet him through a friend, He was like TI NATHAN wants to do a collaboration with you,which is me and i was like no problem I’m down, then we just made it happen”.

Was this because he saw your works ?

” yeah he did , and was like he wanted it themed tho, like pop-culture, animation but a comic feel,  he also gave inspiration for the work and we just did it and it debut on the Lagos fashion week runway. Then after a few more projects; ”Dark times”

What do you mean by DARK TIMES?

“Like it was a point where i just started creating but wasn’t putting it out there , like i made many designs but was withholding them from the world , it was timing, I feel,….. waiting for when to drop them , it just didn’t feel right.

But will be dropping new items in the coming weeks.”

After this drop should we expect more this 2018?

” Yeah, definitely, after this i will drop some other pieces by October I guess, it will be more of jackets, sweatpants, and yeah I should be collaborating and working on designs for brands as well.”

What do you think creatives see as a challenges in African market ?

” I feel there are a lot of creatives that have the idea,but i think funding is a problem, equipment also is a factor.”

Which three creatives would you like to work with?

“There are really a lot I will like to work with but if I’m to pick top 3, I definitely will like to work with TSE , hes really cool. Then Demi-Adebayo (Weird Creative) and Demola the Director.


BANANA BANDITS has also released some pieces early march,



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