Beard Care: Five tips you need to know to grow

Beard Care and Beard growth are important to most Men as they attain Manhood. The Beard makes you look grown, more mature and even may even make you  more desirable to your crush *wink*

So whether your Beard is already in it’s full bloom or you’re just embarking on your Beard growth journey, Here are Five important tip to help you  achieve that full Bearded Manly look:


  • Look but don’t Touch! Different Men grow their Beard at different speeds however, Beard growth can be helped when you actually allow the Beard to grow! That means no touching, trimming or styling for about the first 4 – 6 weeks of initial growth. Simply allow nature to take its course.
  • Wash your Beard Often. This is one of the most important ways to care for your Beard and the skin beneath. This will also help eliminate itchiness and trapped food particles. After a good wash, gently pat to dry ( emphasis on gently guys! 🙄)
  • Condition, Moisturize, Disinfect. After washing your beard you need to treat it with a gentle Beard oil and an antibacterial Beard Balm that will help soften, moisturize and eliminate all of the little microscopic germs that might still be clinging on. We recommend Binxys Beard oil:Shea Tribe Beard Oil
  • Train your Beard. Except you are going for a scruffy, caveman look, here is the part where you need to use your Beard Combs and Beard Brushes. This is to untangle your Beard and help it grow in the right direction. Regularly combing and brushing your Beard also helps to properly spread the beard products into your beard and skin as well as help activate your natural face oils to keep your beard as healthy and luscious looking as possible.
  • Finally, you have to get your Body supportive and ready for Hair growth. The Beard Hair is made from protein and fat, and is also heavily reliant on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. So you’ve got to start eating your lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of vegetables (some experts even prescribe supplements) because apparently, that’s what the Beardgang do!