Alté party essentials

Alté party essentials: You are an Altiést or perhaps a budding follower of the alté vibe, music and fashion colors. Perhaps you’ve got your personal signature or you’re looking to color your own strokes. 

A fusion of retro, hip fashion and vintage clothing. Alté accommodates the bold, daring and adventurous and here is a list of essential alté themed clothing to spark out in your next showing.

Bold shades

alte party essentials

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Firstly, bold shades! The atlé theme encourages bold styles. You may prefer the matrix squint or the collosal frames. Always pick something interesting and colourful. Go as broad as anything unusual for your style.

Shop for bold shades and specs here.

Colored cuts

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Alté is about flairs and strokes of colors. Always remember this. From head gears, to shirts or bandanas, including hair colour. Alté preaches colors. Don’t go monochrome without adding a colourful piece to your style. Nothing screams normal in alté fashion as much as a basic color scheme. 

However, if you will rock a single color, pick out something cut for trouble.

Make a pick from this collection of handpicked cuts.

Retro pants

alte party cruise

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The ultimate alté vibe is retro! And these aren’t exclusive to style but also include size. Retro styles are known to be slightly oversized, e.g bootcut trousers and in some cases undersized e.g Spandex miniskirts. 

Alternatively, you want to choose a piece that isn’t stale but still rocks the show. Need ideas? Check these out.

Rocking Crocs

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Crocs are the ultimate comfort footwear and although they aren’t exclusively alté. They invigorate any style. And what is alté without energy? Lots of energy. 

Suggested read: How to rock a Croc.

Crocs can be styled into multiple themes to fit any fashion disclosure and if you’re running out of choices to make. We’ve made a complete collection for you here.

Vintage scarfs

alte part essentials

Vintage signatures is where the altiést affirm they are alté believers. Of course, not all outfits invite a vintage scarf, but all alté outfits need a vintage piece. The beauty of alté is the freedom you possess to choose what is vintage. If you’re still having a hard time deciding; check out this collection. 

Metallica accessories

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The accessories! Never forget the accessories! Rings, pins, bangles, wrist chains, give it a name! It fits!

The altiést is seen as a rebel, a social maverick. What better way to own this identity beyond metallic accessories.

You might not be entirely comfortable with baggy sized clothing or might decide to rock in a simple color schemed outfits but don’t you leave out your accessories. 

Garmspot offers you an endless collection of clothing garments and accessories to rock every show, make any statement and without doubt hit the headlines. Looking for more? Here is everything!