7 things you should know about Feels: CMFRT

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The latest set on the block and our summer gift to lovers of comfortable clothing. Your friends at Garmspot curated this piece for specific reasons.


The flow and glow of these pieces are spectacular, however we’ve hidden subtle details for the explorer to find. Regardless, we are choosing to share a handful of these with you – from us to you, with love as always.

Here are 7 things you’ve probably missed with The Feels: CMFRT

The dynamic fitting

feels cmfrt

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The FEELS CMFRT collected is created with a presence of dynamic style wherein, if you own multiple versions of the collection, you can effectively pair an element of one design with another. 

Want to go for a light walk on a hot afternoon without wanting to sweat your head out? A linen shirt and CMFRT sweatpants match great as an original pair.

Feel free to explore more dynamic fittings with as many versions as you like, perhaps you would create your own signature style of dynamic fittings and still look epic.


The multi-present colors

feels cmfrt

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All versions of the collection come in multiple colors. This means you can get different colour variations for the same CMFRT version. 


Primarily there are six base colors which includes black, charcoal black, navy blue, powder blue, grey (Ashton) and Ivory.


These colors are specifically curated to express two things: cool and calm.


The quoted sweatshirts

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You probably did find some embroidery on some of the FEELS: CMFRT clothing collection. Yes they are embroideries.


However, what you possibly missed is they are embroidered quotes with particular expressions. Every quote, every expression, every imprint presents a message from your friends at Garmspot delivered to you.


The meditation effect

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Collaborating with Eudaimonia Wellness, FEELS: CMFRT with our linen fabric styles have presented you with a piece of clothing that feels beyond your skin but comforts your soul just as well.


Stay always in the comfort of your skin and connect with your soul during periods of meditation. 


The music playlist

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Beyond clothing and appearances, we have created a special FEELS CMFRT playlist. A collection of music and sounds that helps translate the emotions of every piece in this collection.


A wonderful way to feel comfort and safety is with the help of great music. Of course, music is heavily dependent on taste. Still, we know if you love this collection, you’d equally be ecstatic about this playlist.


Playlist is available on both Spotify and Apple music.


The Comfort Candles

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In creating the ultimate comfort collection, alongside our playlist we’ve put together a special add-on: THE FEELS CMFRT SCENTED CANDLES

The FEELS candles create an aura of calmness and enhance your state of well-being with its natural scents.

We put together three epic variations for you

  • The Feels Mimosa and Citrus candle
  • The Feels Australian Bamboo candle
  • The Feels Tonka Our and Rosewater musk candle.

In whole, The FEELS CMFRT is an experience collection, cutting across clothing style into bodily wellness. We are happy to share many more experiences with you. Join in on our mobile app and we’ve got a final secret to share with you.

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