THE FEELS is a unisex capsule collection offering a relaxed look with contrast in colours and playing in on smooth velvety textures like the corduroy and silk polyester shirt ensemble. THE FEELS gives you the comfort of being alone at home but yet having the urge to stay styled out whilst dealing with possible emotional waves.

To perfectly curate a unique and true ambience behind the collection, there was a need for an authentic feeling brought by the lockdown and being isolated.

“What goes on during lockdown”, how do you pass the time, that’s the question that transpired for Garmspot.

On staying honest, there is a constant need of wanting to be wanted, however with the current situation we are all faced with globally, we feel boxed into our homely environment and emotions, and that’s the direction we went with.

That possible feeling of wanting to be alone but not lonely was matched up with a sound sceneries by DJ Aye! Who got on THE FEELS with Garmspot, do have a listen below.

The collection title, THE FEELS reflects the emotions felt when drunk texting or dialling, where there is no hold on what you say or keep within, and let everything out as you seem fit. It’s a state at which you are most vulnerable, yet, bold enough to speak freely with your emotions. The boldness was captured through the red colour of choice, and the fragility of emotions was expressed through the line drawing connecting two faces meeting, which in sense captures THE FEELS you get from drunk texting.

THE FEELS capsule collection is on pre-order exclusively on and would later be available at The Urban Nest.


Photographer: Deji Haastrup; Models: Yinka Bernie, Osereme Inegbenebor; Soundtrack: DJ Aye!; Production Team: Adesewa Adeniyi, Ngozi Okonkwo, Fego Asiafa; Makeup Artist: Kikelomo Okonkwo