Clothing is not only a need for living, but it is also one of the simplest methods to feel more confident and fashionable. Generally, the decision to buy a piece of clothing is based on personal preferences and requirements. Other aspects, though, play a role in your selection; if you’re buying something to appear nice or enhance your confidence, comfort is a top priority. This is exactly what we had in mind when we created THE FEELS: CMFRT.

THE FEELS: CMFRT is a unisex capsule collection where every piece is designed to bring a feeling of satisfaction and physical well-being as it also creates room for self-awareness. Each piece in this collection subtly evokes thoughts of what your safe space is, who makes you feel safe and the things that make you feel safe. THE FEELS: CMFRT is literally a breath of fresh air. An escape from restraints and it fulfils the need for simplicity.

The colour scheme and textiles used in this collection were all chosen with care. With the predominant colours being powder blue and beige. Both offer a soothing and relaxing impact, amplified when they are consumed alongside each other. When you’re looking for a deeper purpose in life, they serve as a reminder of how fragile yet simple life may be.

The use of natural fibres like cotton and linen in the fabric was also deliberate. Both fibres were carefully chosen to bring the audience closer to nature. It also acts as a reminder to be present and absorb everything. Moments, after all, are fleeting. You miss out on what could’ve been if you blink too fast.

THE FEELS: CMFRT features oversized and exaggerated pieces which serve as a staple for what comfort should be. With the subtle detailing of embroidery, you’d definitely discover deeper meanings through the collection which evokes self-searching quotes from the legendary poet, James Baldwin.

“Appreciate the now, be here now”.