How  hard is it  scrolling through the streets of Instagram boutiques finding almost nothing you’ll look nice in? do you make a list of dresses you never get because nothing seems to fit  perfectly? The bulge can a downer right? I know! well baby girl , na belle big you no kill person. The key to confidently slaying whatever outfit regardless of your body type is knowing what works for you. The goal is to take the attention off your belly and with the following that can be attained.


This is not rocket science! If you are trying to hide something, you don’t put it where the world can see it. Tight fitting clothes at this point will only accentuate your insecurities and if you are looking to keep your head up all day then this is not the choice you want to make.  However, if hitting the gym to get those fire abs is in your plans,you might actually want to get a body con dress of the size you aim at achieving to keep you in check.



It’s not news that dark colors  hide your flaws. they give a solid slimming illusion that is just what you need to finesse your way through whatever outfit. So picking out colours like black (obviously *rolls eyes*) , navy blue, etc, will definitely improve the quality of your wardrobe and confidence.



If this isn’t already on your shopping list by now , you should totally do your self a favor and make it number one because these are definitely wardrobe essentials. These pieces are specially designed to give the illusion of a trim figure. So if there is a bulge to be hidden, trust a high waist bottom to get it done.



Wearing well fitted undergarments, helps to hide your lease favourite body feature. The chic finish starts from what is underneath so be sure to pick  out your perfect sizes and stock corsets or waist trainers as well.


Slouching naturally makes you look like you have on more weight than you ordinarily do and for someone who is trying to hide a bulge, that is definitely not a good look for you . learning good sitting, standing and  walking posture will help maintain self confidence and complete the illusion of a slimmer figure.

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